Future versions will list

Chord inversion of the time chord playback

It is scheduled to turn corresponding configuration when you preview the chord.
For example, in the case of the C major chord, but the notes will be “C · E · G” in order, so that corresponding to the turning of such as “E · G · C”, makes it possible to extend the more image .

Selection of preview sound

Additional sound when you preview the chord is scheduled.
It is possible to freely select the intelligible tone.

Save chord progression, load

Additional storage and loading functions of setting the chord progression is planned.
This makes it possible to carry out the resumption of work at any time.
It also uses of as original chord progression memo.

Sort of chord progression

Additional configuration was sorting function of chord progression is planned.
In the current version it will be unimplemented, please use the procedure such as to re-add it to delete the added chord.

Chord configuration added

I will add the configuration such as 11 or dim7 at any time.
We will also add settings so that can select Feel free to you whether you want to subject to agency chord search in added configuration yourself.

Guess of chord progression

From the setting of the key (tone), and guess the chord progression, it displays the candidate.